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… and I also act.

April 19, 2012

So for whatever reason last fall, I totally withheld the fact (at least on this blog) that I had been cast in the outrageous cult-classic The Rocky Horror Show as produced by Love and Light Productions. Now, keep in mind that I had absolutely-positively ZERO music theater experience going into this. In fact, other than drunk karaoke, my audition was the first time I had ever sung in front of anybody. Amazingly, the show’s director and music director saw potential in me and invited me to join the cast (who were already a month ahead in rehearsals!) That left me two months to train, both physically  (I was going to be practically naked in front of a few hundred audience members per show) and vocally (I was also going to have to sing in front of said audience) in addition to the show’s rigorous rehearsal schedule. Needless to say, it was a grueling eight weeks. Not only did I give up all alcohol (and pizza!), but I got up daily at 5am so I could work out before heading to my day job, which was followed by show rehearsals, after which I’d enjoy an hour or two of singing lessons and/or jogging a few miles. Fortunately, everybody that was involved with the show – as well as my friends and coworkers (couldn’t have done it without you!) –  were incredibly supportive. The result was one of the most positive experiences of my life.

Oh, Zack.

One of the big draws to the role was the physical and mental challenge the character presented.  Much like my friends who train months for a marathon, I saw this as an opportunity to train harder than I had ever trained before.  I thought of the role of Rocky, the titular character of the show, and the work required to play that part, almost as if it were Batman or Superman or any other iconic superhero.  Needless to say, if you know me at all and know my affinity for comic books, that was more than enough motivation to keep me going…

Thank God for P90X.

As far as my acting and singing, both my fellow cast members and  close friends seemed genuinely impressed, especially considering I had never done anything like it before.  And from random audience members, I heard nothing but glowing praise and appreciation… but, as my one buddy pointed out, I was “totally jacked up” at the time — so I doubt anybody would have said anything negative… and certainly not within ear shot!  — Ha.  Rocky Smash!  😛  —  But seriously, even I was shocked at how calm and comfortable I was being on stage, singing and dancing… all while wearing practically nothing!

Allen Boyd as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Awesome.

Like I said, the experience was one of the most positive of my life.  The show had an incredible run, selling out almost every performance.  But, before I knew it, it was over.  Fortunately, the memories, and friendships I forged, will be carried with me forever.  Will I do the show again this fall?  I wouldn’t rule it out.  Will I share more about it on my blog?  Absolutely.  (To be honest, it was a lack of confidence in myself that prevented me from sharing… looking back, that was silly of me.  But we live and learn.  And then do it again!)

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