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AVATAR_new trailer/new cringes

October 29, 2009

Well look at this: I’m blogging about Avatar again.  Has anybody else noticed the cyclical pattern my blog has fallen into?  I promise you, my beloved readers, I will break out of it soon.  Some original topics will be discussed.  But the boys over at 20th Century Fox have released a new trailer for James Cameron’s space opera… and I just have to write about it!

So, yeah, this Avatar movie: I’m really seesawing on the damn thing.  Whenever something new is released (like this trailer) I’m immediately stoked.  But then, a second later, I’m rolling my eyes.  I just don’t get it.  I don’t know what my problem is.

Let me run through the reasons this movie should be awesome: 1. James Cameron 2. space ships 3. mecha-suits 4. aliens  6.  Sam Worthington 7. Did I mention James Cameron?  So why the heck do my gut instincts tell me this movie is going to suck?

Is it the gag-inducing James Horner soundtrack?  Maybe it’s the awful transition meant to imply Sam Worthington’s mind entering his avatar?  That crap reminds me of Stargate.  Perhaps it’s the semi-creepy alien/human love story?  I mean, maybe I’m wrong, but if you put me into the body of an alien would that make me want to get it on with those aliens?  Perhaps it’s that stupid thing the alien chick does with her hand when she says: “You should not be here.”  Or maybe, almost definitely, it’s that laughable “This is our land” inspire-me-into-battle  speech at the end.   Already, I’m cringing at how terrible that scene will most likely be.

Sigh.  Tell me what you think of the trailer…


My buddy Matt has pointed out a disturbing number of plot holes in the trailer alone… A. how is it that science in this world can transplant a man’s mind into an avatar but they can’t fix his paralysis?  or grow him his own new body?  B. why can’t they just operate the mecha-suits the same way Sam Worthington operates his avatar?  why would they be putting their lives on the line at all?  There were a few more but I forgot.  PLOT HOLES, PLOT HOLES, PLOT HOLES

Upon another review, I suddenly realized how dated this movie feels.  I mean, it just feels, i don’t know, like it doesn’t belong in thie decade: the premise (corupt corporation/militry wants to destroy primative civilization), the soundtrack (seriously, is this Titantic 2), the mecha-suits (do you really think, in 200 years, that’s how they’ll fight wars?), the characters (hardcore military general, marine with a heart, the chick who sways him, corporate greedy-type — who will probably meet a grim demise), … it’s all very 1990’s, isn’t it?  Isn’t it odd that’s the last time Cameron made a film?  Hmm… this will be interesting.

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  1. Hack Riven permalink
    October 29, 2009 8:40 pm

    your link doesn’t work.

    is it then f’ed-up that i want to get it on with an 8-foot, blue alien with a tail and sound like Jessica Alba?!?

    i love the military’s General Issue white tanktops with the cleavage rip. is michelle rodriguez the ONLY believable hot and tough chick in Hollywood?

    this trailer definitely doesn’t instill the strong emotions in me like the last trailer. is that the trailer’s composition or the fact i know a little more about the movie?

    …do NOT fail me Cameron!!!

  2. cklockwork permalink*
    October 29, 2009 11:35 pm

    whoops… thanks.

    Dude, I think Cameron has already failed us. This movie seems seriously flawed already. Check out my update. This has really made me realize how frustrated I am with the way sci-fi is depicted in cinema. Avatar is fantasy yet billed as sci-fi. Every bit of it’s premise and plot, even the mecha-suits, is cliche and unoriginal. I WANT something original. I want to see a sci-fi war movie that BLOWS my mind in ways I never imagined. There’s a lot of great, out-there, hard sci-fi war fiction that deserves attention. Instead of letting Cameron write the most lame script imaginable (that was written over a decade ago, mind you) adapt one of the novels of the young, unknown sci-fi authors of today.

    • March 30, 2013 10:27 am

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    • March 31, 2013 9:27 am

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  3. Hack Riven permalink
    October 30, 2009 2:43 am

    i loathe plot holes – they ruin all sorts of decent movies for me. most notably of all, the fact that Tom Cruise’s character is considered public enemy number one in Minority Report, yet he retains security clearance to his ex-department.
    i’m off track…

    so, i was wrapping my head around the paralysis issue earlier. from what i gather, it’s a The Cell/Surrogates combo situation we have here. his superior does promise him “new legs – your own legs” once the job is finished. they have the technology; they can fix him.

    i have considered the direction of future war in the past. no matter the reason or the financial cost, life is the bottom line of war – it’s the casualties that decide the retreats and the survivors that solidify the victories. the military branches will continue to produce new forms of unmanned weaponry (and sexy tanktops worn by bisexual, tan-skinned infantry with bewbs), but it will always come down to the troops macro-managing the remnants of opposition in any complex terrain or relentless environment, making the crucial, first-hand decisions in that field, and giving each side a tangible measure of success or failure. two economic superpowers with a limitless army of surrogates would be in an eternal stalemate. ultimately, i believe the only answer to the elimination of human combatants in 200 years is the complete extinction of war itself (i think i just made myself yawn AND rallied the blue-being army) …ha, good luck with that.

  4. October 9, 2011 2:36 pm

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