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The Interrupters… of Chicago gang violence

April 11, 2012

“If a terrorist or a serial killer or a poison or a disease or a dangerous product was wounding or killing a teen in Chicago at the rate of one a day, we would demand something be done about it. Yet a teen in Chicago is shot or killed at the rate of one a day and it’s shrugged off as just another gang war.” — CJ Laity

A few weeks ago a friend suggested I watch the documentary The Interrupters… and the film opened my eyes to the horrifying gang violence (over 400 shootings and 100 fatalities in 2012 already… and it’s only April) that takes place nightly in the heart of Chicago.  It’s an American epidemic that is brushed under the rug by mainstream media (except when time needs filled.) Now I pass this suggestion on to you… watch the film here… and let’s figure out how to help.

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