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No rest for the wicked…

April 21, 2013

The cast and band of Love and Light Production’s EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL have been busting out butts since February getting ready for next week’s show. If you’re any where near State College I urge you to go… It’s gonna be a bloody good time!!

And as always, you can find more info on Love and Light’s current, past, and future shows at



Now THIS looks like Star Trek…

April 17, 2013

Speaking of Evil Dead…

February 12, 2013

So we had our first full cast read-through tonight. This shit is f*cking hilarious.


Frank’s Gym

February 11, 2013

So my goal to blog more this year hasn’t been happening as much as I hoped. That’s not to say I haven’t been enjoying myself though so i figured I better start sharing. My buddy Greg here played Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Show. Being his birthday, and having played Rocky myself in the show the last two years, I was pretty damn excited to score these two shirts off Etsy. The seller, SmartTees4You, was awesome to work with and they’ve got an excellent selection of truly clever attire. I highly recommend you check them out. And be sure to keep checking in around here. I fully plan on keeping you updated on the new show (Evil Dead The Musical) as well as some of the other various projects I’ve been keeping myself busy with.


tuesday is the new… tuesday.

January 22, 2013


This night is gonna to end when we’re damn well ready for it to be over…

January 5, 2013

When the hell is that new Against Me! album coming out anyway?  (Stewart — I’m looking at you.)


It’s time to pull this pony out and get her runnin’ again…

January 5, 2013
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Holy sh*t I’ve been bad at blogging these past few months. Thank goodness those Mustang roof-rack and Darren Aronofsky Batman posts keep racking up the hits or this might be the most worthless blog on the Internet. Fortunately it’s a new year and I have big plans…. None of which I’m going to share with you now. Ha. But some of those plans may have some impact around here so keep checking in, keep reading, press that stupid ‘like’ button and don’t forget to comment!