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“I know I’ve beaten Death again…”

September 7, 2012

The Eagle has landed…

August 25, 2012

Dear Michael J. Fox…

July 16, 2012

I wrote this letter when I was 8.  If you didn’t know I was born awesome, you do now.  (And no, I never heard back.  Heart broken.)


July 4, 2012

“No, no. He didn’t slam you. He didn’t bump you. He didn’t nudge you… He *rubbed* you. And rubbin, son, is racin’.”

June 29, 2012

I’m not a NASCAR fan. At all. But i totally respect almost all motor-sports (and let’s be honest, Days of Thunder is a bitch’n movie) so when I had the chance this week to visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame down in Charlotte, NC I took it. And the place was rather cool. And distinctly American. And I quite enjoyed all the love for the ’77 Cutlass. Check out some pics…
And read about the ’79 Daytona 500 epic-finish & fist-fight here. Racing fan or not, it was pretty bad-ass.


An insanely large Dodge Daytona


One of Yarborough’s ’77s.


Bobby Allison vs. Cale Yarborough: the actual cars


Doing my best Cale Yarborough impression.

“Um. Should I be rolling on this?”

June 22, 2012

Videography humor. So true.


“An army which carries the Ark before it… is invincible.”

May 24, 2012