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STEPHEN KING’S CAT’S EYE_things that scared me as a kid

June 11, 2010

I haven’t posted sh*t this week.  My excuses are numerous: work, conference expansion, umm… work. Okay, so it’s mostly due to conference expansion.  But I did have time to both remember and watch a movie that totally freaked me out as a kid: Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye.

That goddamn troll.

Who doesn’t love to go back and re-watch something you specifically remember giving you nightmares as a kid?  I certainly do.  And I did.  And that troll, that goddamn troll, still freaks me out.   Even that cat freaks me out… I think.  At the very least the cat reminds me of my old but brief friend Mr. Kitty, a stray cat I came across in college.  He’d sleep on my chest like that.  Perhaps fighting off trolls. I loved him.  But couldn’t keep him.  Yeah, I cried.   You have a problem with that?!

Freak yourselves out:

I also came across this treat.  It’s the movie’s original theme song by Ray Stevens.  It’s so wonderfully ’80s.  If any of you have an mp3 of this song be sure to let me know.  Immediately.  I need it.  NOW.

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  1. Hack Riven permalink
    June 11, 2010 6:20 pm

    being stuck with nothing better to do, i set out to find that horrendous track for you. though credited for the song as Ray Stevens, it is actually Ray Stephens. if you go to Ray Stephens (gay black guy – dead at 35yo for unverifiable reasons) Facebook fanpage, the moron “fans” post videos of Ray Stevens (white hillbilly – currently 71yo). Ray Stevens is a goofball country singer i remember my parents listened to a long time ago – imagine if Jeff Foxworthy released a music album.

    at one point, your Ray Stephens was the policeman in The Village People. He also played Roy, a non-puppet character in The Great Space Coaster show that i remember watching as a kid. what i don’t remember is how fucking awful that show was.

    Gary Gnu:

    i can’t find the song listed on any CD album. which leads me to believe it MAY have been available only on vinyl, if at all …so you’re screwed for a non-youtube recorded copy.

    as for a critique of the movie: not surprisingly, General puts in a far better performance than James Woods ever could.

  2. June 11, 2010 9:27 pm

    ha. i like your internet research skills. most impressive. i’m guessing the song on youtube was ripped from the dvd itself. Speaking of, can you believe somebody cut a music video to that song?! LOL. Somebody really loves that movie. And that cat. And that song. Stephen King fans are weird. That’s the only explanation I got.

  3. Hack Riven permalink
    June 12, 2010 5:31 am

    that video most definitely was a labor of love. although i’m sure you can see better than i what little effort was required to make that video. a King-groupie was certainly not burning the midnight oil, slaving over a Video Toaster while cracked-out on Jolt Cola night after night. i’d wager it took twice as long for Video Toaster to render that than it did to cut it.

    oh yeah, Video Toaster and i go way back to 1999 …that shit was so cutting edge.

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