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TOROSAURUS_sorry, you never existed

August 6, 2010

More sad news for Torosaurus fans this week:  it turns your favorite dinosaur species never really existed.  Sorry.  Instead, what we thought were Torosaurus’s were actually just old Triceratops.  Soooooo… 0kay, I’ll admit it:  I never actually heard of Torosaurus…. and it actually seems rather ludicrous that nobody ever looked into this relationship before.  BUT I’ll also admit that I’m still pretty bitter about this BRONTOSAURUS HORSE-SHIT and to see another dino species cut out of the history books just makes me feel…. well… old.  And outdated.  A little obsolete.   I mean, must I question everything I’ve learned?  Why can’t science get it right the first time?!  Why make me feel so stupid, science?!

Left - Triceratops Right - Old Triceratops (formerly Torosaurus)

It just proves my point: Nobody really knows what the hell they’re talking about so you might as well just say whatever the f*ck you want.

An artist interpretation of the Triceratops's ability; Being awesome.

Here’s your bloody link. (via io9)

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