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The New Superman film… don’t f*ck it up.

September 9, 2010

So David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan have been toiling away (under the watchful eye of Jonathan’s brother, Christopher) on the next Superman film for a few months now.  Just think, as you read this, they are probably deep in thought over this film… and, even more importantly, how not to f*ck it up.  That’s actually quite a lot of pressure.  To start with, the Nolan family’s reputation is at stake.  Christopher is, arguably, THE filmmaker of the 21st century.  Secondly, they’re working for a film studio that’s well known for lofty expectations.  Thirdly, they have a comic book fan base chomping at the bit to criticize every decision they make, and, lastly, there are a handful of general movie goers who actually liked the last movie and will surely be disappointed at the decision to start from scratch.  My point is:  how the hell are they going to make everybody happy?  I guess the obvious answer is this:  write an awesome movie.  So that’s my advice, boys. Run with it.

More on the new Supes film is sure to come…

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