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And just like that… I’m excited about Captain America.

October 28, 2010

Dear loyal readers:  I have a confession.  For months I have been holding back my emotions regarding the upcoming Captain America movie… but, upon the release of the new Entertainment Weekly issue, I can hold such enthusiasm back no more.  Consider this my official announcement concerning the matter… yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am excited about Captain America.  Why do you ask?  Perhaps it’s that the character is the last of my childhood favorites yet to hit the big screen.  Perhaps it’s because I spent so much of my youth mulling over the ’90s Captain America movie and had every intention of doing the character justice myself one day (oh, such childish dreams), or perhaps I just really like the color combination (after all, it is really close to another of my fav heroes.)  Never-the-less, I am truely excited for this film… and everything that comes out, every set pic, every plot leak, just gets me more excited.  And to top it all off, the film is directed by Joe Johnston….. director of another of my favorite childhood films:  The Rocketeer.  And considering the fact that Caps is fighting Nazis as well (as did another of my fav hereos)… I might as well just pre-order my opening night ticket now.

Not sold yet yourself?  Well, take a look at some of what’s leaked and maybe you’ll feel differently (it’s total Rocketeer!!!!)

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