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More Halloween Films!!

October 28, 2010

As promised, here’s an update to My “Exclusive” Halloween Horror Movie List 2010 that I shared a few days ago.  Again, these aren’t my favorite horror movies.  In fact, in some cases, I highly recommend you not watch these movies ever, but I watched them this month none-the-less so they’re on the list:

1. The House of the Devil.  This movie is terrible.  Don’t watch.

2. The Manitou.  Let me be frank:  I feel I have wasted most of my life not having seen this movie before last night.  An Indian shaman grows out of a women’s back.  Tony Curtis sports disco attire and eye liner the entire film.  And there’s a galactic showdown that includes: 1.  Indian Magic (ancient magic.) 2. White Man Magic (1970s technology.) 3.  A topless chick shooting lasers out of her hands.  YES.  YEEEESSSSSS.

3.  The Shining.  Randomly on television.  One of my favorite movies.  KUBRICK… need I say more?


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  1. December 18, 2010 10:40 pm

    shining? funny, i’m reading stephen king’s novel these days. 🙂
    king & kubrick are almost as good as clarke & kubrick. almost.

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