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Movies I’ve Watched Recently: NOVEMBER

November 22, 2010

Pandorum. Space Madness?  SPACE MADNESS?!  Why does it always have to be SPACE MADNESS?!  Sigh.  Two stars.  (Yes, I know one of my own short stories includes space madness.  We all have regrets.)

Battle for Terra. Why do I bother with films like this?  Because it’s sci-fi, that’s why.  So, yeah.  The film’s not terrible.  But the animation is cheap.  At times I was entertained.  But it was made for kids… I think.  There are a surprising number of deaths in this movie… but not enough.  Two stars.  (Note:   I couldn’t find a decent clip to save my life.  But I did find a “3-D” trailer.  So put on those 3-D glasses, boys and girls.  Because the future is here…)

Superman Doomsday.  Can I really call this film a disappointment?  I mean, the term disappointment implies expectations.  I had no expectations for this film other than to see: 1.  Superman fight Doomsday.  2.  Superman die.  3.  Superman come back to life.   So… considering this film did in fact meet those expectations do I consider it a success?  Shrug.  This movie is a few years old… better DC Animations have come out… watch those instead.  Two stars.

Frank and Jesse. Yeah, I watched it.  It’s stars Rob Lowe and Bill Paxton.  It’s terrible.  Watch the movie yourself on YouTube, in it’s entirety, courtesy Lionsgate film.  One star.

MegaMind.  The best Superman film since Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie.  Seriously.  And unlike Battle for Terra, the animation is excellent.  As is the writing.  And cast.  And just about everything else.  Four stars.

My Mom’s a Werewolf. This is the shit I watched as a kid.  And this is this shit I watch now.  Two stars.

Alice in Wonderland.  Tim Burton is an asshole.  Zero stars.

Mad Max. Can you believe I had never seen this movie?  Nor the sequel, The Road Warrior. This movie was cool.  Not great.  Two stars.

Batman: Under the Red Hood. Released last summer, this is another DC Animations film.  Though not as entertaining as Green Lantern: First Flight, it’s far superior to Superman Doomsday and gives me high hopes for future DC Comic adaptations.  With Warner Brothers taking it’s sweet-ass time between their live-action adaptations, it’s a good way to fill the void.  Two stars.

BTW, these films can all be found on Netflix Instant Watch.  I’ve also seen a few other films (MegaMind, Deadly Prey) which I’ll probably include in another post.  Believe it or not, I give those films more than two stars!

UPDATE:  I threw MegaMind up there too… what the hell!  Why not, right?

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  1. Hack Riven permalink
    November 23, 2010 3:40 am

    after seeing what you’ve spent your freetime watching i don’t feel so bad for wasting my days repeatedly viewing Predator and Aliens on AMC these past few months.

    My Mom’s A Werewolf: i looked it up on IMDB, saw the VHS cover and actually recall it on display at the family-owned video store back home. although i was mildly aroused by the provocative leg shaving and bewildered by the (un)believable looks of shock in the illustration as a teenager, i don’t recall actually wanting to see the film. that really says a lot as i was easily entertained by the likes of Don Knotts and Tim Conway (The Private Eyes 1980) back then.
    in any case, i noticed something in the above clip that i remember seeing in many movies of that era – the old couple who slowly drive to a non-traffic-lighted intersection, sit there seemingly indefinitely (NOT checking for traffic), turn to see strangeness pull up alongside them, then continue to sit there with mouths agape as the oddity drives away enjoying his/her shitty pop music. didn’t anyone california-stop back then? since “california-stop” is a term i learned from my mom, i assume this wasn’t the case. as this was a common theme, were we to believe that aloof extras simply had nothing better to do than park at strange places in quaint, “leave it to beaver” neighborhoods with spacious four lane roads? we must have …stupid 80’s.

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