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All God does…

January 14, 2011

All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever be boring. – Chuck Palahniuk

"I'm goin' I'm goin! I got the metal to the pedal and the thing to the floor!"


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  1. January 16, 2011 1:13 pm

    So you are Michael. Like Michael Moore. Okay, then I will have to confess smth, too… I know! Sometimes I’m J. Like J. from “Men in Black.” Or like… JB. 😀 The thing is some people used to pronounce J instead of G, so… I write GB, but in my head I’m still hearing JB. : )) As for the playlist… sorry for “Stuck in the middle with you”. : )) Blame it on Mr Blonde. 😀

  2. January 17, 2011 11:47 am

    just realized i have never seen this movie. mmm.

  3. January 17, 2011 1:14 pm

    i just watched it again last night! it’s not Kubrick… but it has Burt Reynolds.

  4. January 17, 2011 9:46 pm

    it’s very … noir.
    mhm. on a second thought… don’t watch it.
    you won’t like it.

  5. January 17, 2011 9:50 pm

    i watched it. i loved it. I need more Hungarian industrial rock in my life. 😛

  6. January 17, 2011 9:51 pm

    Kontroll looks to be an interesting movie too.

  7. January 17, 2011 9:53 pm

    here’s one for you!

  8. January 18, 2011 8:35 pm

    okay… maybe kontroll is not that noirish:

  9. January 18, 2011 8:38 pm

    and neo… they had a bunch of good songs… i think Subscribe is also an Hungarian band… don’t remember.

  10. January 18, 2011 8:43 pm

    and the forget me not… it’s on repeat now. forget me not…. it’s also a flower… ?
    and i will totally forget you if you’re a mass-media celeb.
    so you’d better NOT be. oh well, i like being a nutjob. : ))

  11. January 18, 2011 10:51 pm

  12. January 19, 2011 6:26 pm

    St. Anger ’round my neck. So nervous. : )) I loved this song when young! 😀

    ps: i really hope that people who read don’t think i’m obsessed with comments. : )))

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