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Is this the next Ford Mustang?

April 16, 2012

So is this the next Ford Mustang?  What you’re looking at is the Ford Evos concept car… but if the rumblings are true coming out of Detroit you can expect the pony badge slapped on the front of it.  My thoughts?  It’s not that bad.  The retro pony car fad (that Ford kicked off in ’05 — and that I’m a big fan of, wink-wink) has probably run it’s course (what, with the Camaro AND the Challenger chasing from behind) so I can understand the need to go more contemporary, especially considering Ford seems to have it’s eyes set on more “up-scale” competition like the BMW M3 and Infiniti G37.  Anyway, read more (and see more) about the potential redesign here and here.

Wonder if my roof-rack will fit?

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