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Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises: these movie trailers are all-timers…

May 1, 2012

So this week, the world has been blessed with not one but two absolutely incredibly well-edited movie trailers no doubt influenced by their film’s respective directors.  Of course I’m talking about the trailers for Prometheus, the Alien prequel directed Ridley Scott, and The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s final installment in his Batman trilogy.

Gosh... these two movies sure bring out the nerd in me.

So I’ll start with the international trailer for Prometheus and I will be blunt: regardless of the quality of the movie itself, this is one the best movie trailers I have ever seen.  It’s tone.  It’s pace.  It’s bat-shit insanity.  It’s brilliant.  There is no way, NO WAY, you don’t watch this trailer and  not want to see this movie.  This is a cinematic marketing masterpiece! And the best part of the trailer, the eerie unforgettable droning music, is a throwback to Scott’s original Alien trailer.  This is pure, unmolested, awesomeness.

Now, speaking of bat-shit insanity, on to The Dark Knight Rises trailer.   Admittedly, this trailer doesn’t leave you gasping for breathe (like the Prometheus trailer) but it’s still a homerun.  Once again, the trailer’s tone, pace, and pay-off don’t disappoint.  And, knowing this is a Christopher Nolan film, he hasn’t given ANYTHING away regarding the film’s true plot (and twists.)  Christopher Nolan is brilliant, there is no doubt about it, and his trailers tend to be brilliant as well… in fact, I think we will see much more of his brilliance in this trailer AFTER we see the movie itself.  There are some pretty big reveals in this trailer…. and I wouldn’t even say they’re hidden.  They’re actually right in front of us.  But, just like any true magician, Christopher Nolan leads us into seeing what we want to see (the prestige, if you will.  When the truth has been right under our noses all along.)  And with that, and without me hinting at any more spoilers, enjoy…

So, earlier I mentioned that the Prometheus trailer above is one of the best I’ve ever seen.  To put that into perspective let me share what I did (or maybe still do, not sure) think was THE BEST TRAILER EVER MADE.  Unsurprisingly, it’s the trailer to Christopher Nolan’s last Batman installment: The Dark Knight.  Again, the tone, the pacing, it all builds wonderfully.  And although The Dark Knight Rises trailer isn’t quite at this level, I think it may actually be… and I just need time to digest it.  Anyway, if The Dark Knight trailer isn’t #1, it’s #2 behind only the Prometheus trailer (yes, I think it’s that good!)  Watch it again and let me know what you think…

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