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PREDATORS _ Adrien Brody

October 7, 2009

Have some Predators news for you, the Robert Rodriguez produced reboot/sequel to the kick-ass original Predator has found it’s lead… and it is none other than… Adrian Brody?!  Umm.  This is… different.  As my mind wraps itself around this scoop I can’t help but be intrigued.  I’m not a big fan of Brody but compared to the hunk-douchebags  studios have been stuffing down our throats recently this casting is surprisingly… different.  Adrian Brody, the man who bored me to sleep chasing around King Kong, the man who bored me to tears in Hollywoodland, has now been cast as such an extreme-badass that he’s been captured by an alien race, dragged back to their home planet where he is to be hunted for sport.  That seems to fit, right?  Well… like I said, I’m intrigued, I didn’t say I was happy about this.

one badass mother fucka?


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