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DAN BLACK_music I stumbled across

April 16, 2010

I always like stumbling across new music that I enjoy.  More often than not, it’s an artist I’ve never heard of.  Sometimes I find them listening to Sirius radio (Alt Nation and/or The Verge) late at night when they stop playing the mainstream stuff and start throwing in some of the new crap.  This past week I discovered Dan Black.  Some of you might know him: he’s British, does a lot of mash ups, total pop (which I’m cool with – as long as it doesn’t annoy me), and from what I heard I figured he’d be worth checking out.  His album, UN, left me a bit cold at first but, after a few listens, I warmed up to it.  The big single is Symphonies… which if you haven’t heard yet you can expect to soon.  I like it, obviously.  That’s why I’m writing about it.  That and I’m a sucker for strings.  Check it out for yourself… (note: this music video is terrible!  What were they thinking?! LOL)

Anyway, the album, overall, is decent.  It’s more of the same so if you like Symphonies it’ll make your day.  Karate Kid is another good track… with an awesome title (until the Jaden Smith remake comes out.  Barf.)

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