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HACK RIVEN_into my heart

April 27, 2010

Sometime today Hack Riven sent me this YouTube video:

He texted it to me.  It wasn’t an email, or a Facebook post.  He didn’t come across it on twitter.  It was a text.  There was no explanation why.  There was no story to go along with it.  Just the link, which I immediately watched on my phone.  And, though I found the video strangely amusing, I may have been more entertained at the randomness of its arrival.  Hack Riven and I never text each other links… let alone videos… let alone animations of bands being screwed over by promoters.  Neither Hack Riven nor myself are in a band… so it’s not like this is a situation we’ve ever been in (or been in recently.)  Hack Riven works in the music scene, so to speak… perhaps that’s it?  I listen to music… is that the catch?  You can see my confusion… and why I find this video so intriguing.  I could have texted Hack Riven a quick WTF… but I opted to sit on it.  I figured I’d let it bounce around in the back of my mind until something, some purpose came to me… and then I got it.  I’ll just blog about the damn thing.   DONE.

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  1. Hack Riven permalink
    May 2, 2010 4:02 pm

    heh. that night around 2am, my boss, a colleague and i sat in the office to THOROUGHLY enjoy this video. i was doubled-over in pain, making odd laughing/hissing noises as i tried to catch my breath. i guess you really need to interact with these “promoters” to fully appreciate this. local promoters are like low-level acting agents …only with less credibility (expect to see half of their supposed ticket sales), crumbier clothes (ex: shirt received during new tequila promotion), horrible haircuts (if it gets cut at all), and are pulling much less ass (near nil since bands are predominantly male, there’s no “casting couch”).

    …this video is epic.

    p.s. i don’t even know how to use you kids’ Twatter.

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