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That damn corkscrew… at Laguna (in a Boss 302)

May 9, 2012

Because Hack Riven now has me obsessing about some race track in CA…  I’ve cued this video to an ‘in-the-car’ shot (I looked for a sport-bike POV, no luck) of the infamous corkscrew turn.  Interestingly enough, this may be the same vintage race pictured in my previous post  (check out that sh*t here!)  Also entertaining: keep your eye on the fluid tanks mounted on the Mustang’s dash in the video.  Ha.  Cool.  What exactly those fluids are is beyond me…. [actually, the cues didn’t take so jump to 1:14 to see the corkscrew]



And here’s another video from INSIDE A BOSS 302…… HOLY HELL IS RIGHT.  [jump to :40 for the corkscrew]

So when you buy a car like that… a vintage Boss 302 Mustang built by Bud Moore himself… does the ghost of Steve McQueen (bad ass incarnate) just show up at your door and hand you the wicked awesome helmet/sunglasses combo this driver is sporting or what?  I want a set.  Can I get one, Mr. McQueen?  I would also like to drive this car to work.  LISTEN TO THAT ENGINE.  I’m tempted to saw off my exhaust right now.

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  1. Chris Fagan permalink
    May 10, 2012 2:38 pm

    The first video made me realize life is more interesting with someone in front of you.

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